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Alien ecstasy.


20 July 2006

Mix Act Key BPM Duration
5 (Original Mix) Aalto G# minor 134 7:38
5 (Maori's Dark Remix) Aalto G# major 136 7:53

Immediately following Smith & Pledger's final release is Aalto's finality. & they headed out in the grandest of styles.

5 (Original Mix)

This takes some time to get to the point, though it is worth decades: the last half is so transmundane, it makes Andrew Bayer sound mainstream.
This is soul-piercingly alien. Anjunabeats has never seen anything so alien before or since. The tune is singularly bizarre, brumal, & beautiful. Piano arrives to spice this up with a Carolina Reaper.
The remixing is fortunate, & needs to be done at least once more, with a modern touch. It is a tragedy that nothing kindred to this was ever done again.
This is the cream of not just Volume Four, nor just Anjunabeats, but pleasure.

5 (Maori's Dark Remix)

There's a reason why Maor Levi out not his name on this. Nobody in their right minds would put their name on this. This is awful. It's just several minutes of recrement, the synth copied & pasted, & then, the climax is the first several minutes all over again! Never listen to this.

5 (Nitrous Oxide Remix)

This is completely unoriginal. This is just the OM with a trance conversion underscoring. This is useless, pointless, & worthless. Never listen to this.