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5 March 2012

Mix Act Duration
Afterthought (Original Mix) Parker & Hanson 8:13
Afterthought (Heatbeat Remix) Parker & Hanson 6:49
Afterthought (Soundprank Remix) Parker & Hanson 9:20

Afterthought (Original Mix)

Topgrading their silenttrash, P&H struck a popping tick(-tock) to slash through the vines to. The pianos float by through the air, wafting heliumly, sparkling with quaint riffs. The internal source is why this big bangs Vol 9, & sticks around forever.
The fallternation & wide gaps make this lungstopping. Water boils at 500° in the Marianas; this feels like crawling through thick syrup too. But the biggest waterfall is underwater, & this one is psychrospheric. The long fall starts when the pauses end, & bleed towards an inexorable drive to the urmarianal. We get a saucy, insolent kickback, which is almost as good. Classic keys keep coming, the triple alternation getting a new fuliginic alternative by its side, & aerial touches searing & soaring in to bring us another, higher edge. This firetruck-emptier should be a forethought.

Afterthought (Heatbeat Remix)

Heatbeat have their own unique sound. When I say that, I mean that Agustin Servente & Matias Chavez got up & made this transmix, which rightfully lies in Classics 01. The longevity of its popularity comes from many things here: the first major change was the adder snaking behind the piano to the top, franticking to water the fields of Elysium. Contradistinct to all other AB, their hyperelectricity cutting to & fro every split-split-second, rebounding, springing, & fissioning into radioactiver & activer tragedies, simplifying at the end to solidify the sugar. This is well-remembered for good reason.

Afterthought (Soundprank Remix)

Adding a playful wist does not make it your own, especially if that game is 'Custer's Revenge'. The rest is the OM with Fisher's follies layered on top. AD 04 reeks with his laziest non-endeavour, a shameful chapter we should close & burn.