Air For Life (The Remixes)

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Atrocious effort from all involved. Execrable execution.


31 July 2012

Seven years after the release of the award-winning Air For Life, it was decided that it should be remixed more. That magnificent idea went horribly wrong.

Mix Act Duration
Air For Life (Norin & Rad Remix) Above & Beyond vs. Andy Moor 7:26
Air For Life (Above & Beyond 2012 Update) Above & Beyond vs. Andy Moor 8:51
Air For Life (Dosem Remix) Above & Beyond vs. Andy Moor 4:07

Air For Life (Norin & Rad Remix)

The 2011 Breakout Producers Of The Year, Karlsson & Sember, were a paradisiacal choice to remix anything. Their ambrosial creativity & supermassive sound made them ideal. Let's see how that went.
The electrotrash is spot-on, as always. Hark! A tune, for a short while in the midst of it all. A complete & utter transcription to piano without even an iota of originality nor care. & when that brief moment ends, a tsunami of beautiful electrotrash that should have been saved for another time is unleashed.
Their worst remix is prime for compiling. Otherwise, don't pay for this.

Air For Life (Above & Beyond 2012 Update)

Hopefully something that never happens again, this is not a club mix, but merely an 'update'. This is reprehensible.
The electrotrash is slightly altered in tone, though not structure, making this a waste of everyone's time, including the producer's. Nine whole minutes of Air For Life was a good idea, so why not just make an extended mix, preferably 11 minutes? Or have 16 Bit Lolitas mix that, & make it deep house, additionally. Make any stylistic choice. Just don't be lazy.

Air For Life (Dosem Remix)

2020 waasn't kind to this. The Spanish Marc Ramirez couldn't do anything at all, apparently, other than make 4 minutes of paneulogist atrocity, finished with a minute of the OM. Unmoving in physics & emotion, Dosem's remix is like his album. Worthless.