Air For Life (The Remixes)

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Atrocious effort from all involved. Execrable execution.


31 July 2012

Seven years after the release of the award-winning Air For Life, it was decided that it should be remixed more. That magnificent idea went horribly wrong.

Mix Act Duration
Air For Life (Norin & Rad Remix) Above & Beyond vs. Andy Moor 7:26
Air For Life (Above & Beyond 2012 Update) Above & Beyond vs. Andy Moor 8:51

Air For Life (Norin & Rad Remix)

The 2011 Breakout Producers Of The Year, Karlsson & Sember, were a paradisiacal choice to remix anything. Their ambrosial creativity & supermassive sound made them ideal. Let's see how that went.
The electrotrash is spot-on, as always. Hark! A tune, for a short while in the midst of it all. A complete & utter transcription to piano without even an iota of originality nor care. & when that brief moment ends, a tsunami of beautiful electrotrash that should have been saved for another time is unleashed.
Their worst remix is prime for compiling. Otherwise, don't pay for this.

Air For Life (Above & Beyond 2012 Update)

Hopefully something that never happens again, this is not a club mix, but merely an 'update'. This is reprehensible.
The electrotrash is slightly altered in tone, though not structure, making this a waste of everyone's time, including the producer's. Nine whole minutes of Air For Life was a good idea, so why not just make an extended mix, preferably 11 minutes? Or have 16 Bit Lolitas mix that, & make it deep house, additionally. Make any stylistic choice. Just not this.