Anjunadeep 04 Sampler (James Grant)

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20 February 2012

Mix Act
Prelude (Andrew Bayer & James Grant Remix) Above & Beyond
Afterthought (Soundprank's Deep 04 Mix) Parker & Hanson
Get To Know You Vincenzo
Phobos Stephen J Kroos

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Prelude (Andrew Bayer & James Grant Remix)

Go to the dj app on your phone. Play anything, then fix it so that it sounds underwater. You have this. But this is smoother, & sadly restrained, to keep with the mood. Bad choice.
How could they not insult Prelude? Every song is 'remixable'. AB&JG, meanwhile, muted everything five times over, & allowed only a snippet of piano, only at rare intervals. New vocals replete their assail, completing a stylistically impressive joke, & a tunefully thin piecemeal of thinfunk. The experience is worth a listen, but not your affection.

Afterthought (Soundprank's Deep 04 Mix)

Adding a playful wist to a panstellar song does not make it your own, especially if that game is 'Custer's Revenge'. The rest is the OM with Fisher's follies layered on top. AD 04 reeks with his laziest non-endeavour, a shameful chapter we should close & burn.

Get To Know You

This laconic album-maker started him off on the worst foot possible, in the worst direction he could, & still he fell off Qingshui. The oldest track in AD 04 is the same tardigrade, retrograde Ganges-shake we'll get used to drinking from him, especially in his Book of Carcinogenesis. GTKY is an accurate title: this is the real him, rhyparographer-in-chief, hákarlburger chef extraordinaire. Thankfully, he's vanished, though his years haven't. The only mix here released elsewhere should have been released nowhere.


You should fear this: just because it's his goodbye doesn't mean that he'll start to care. At least he had the courtesy to be a weird sort of bad. His broken film score ailure powers down & ups his ante for annoying. Combine hoofbeats with a bagpipe made of aluminium & you get razors thrown at your ears. Ik houd dat niet van.