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Miami. Nuremberg./Miami Dade.


2 July 2012

Mix Act
Antalya Ost & Meyer
Tenerife Ost & Meyer

After their breakout Ukrainianica Britanica, Bogdanov & Porotkov gave us two last things before they signed out with Here We Go.


The Bat Yam of Turkey began with the best pretro ever. This EP shows what music can be when all seconds are treated fairly- see Enhanced Recordings for more examples.[1] This is a rare style, almost as rare as trancestep, which should have been more popular then, & should be more popular now. Blueprint timeline of Antalya's 'brisktrouse':
Sliding, slowly shifting curls open us to a catchy beat of drums, this one being three emptied pauses & one kickle down. The essence is the little 'duu' at every so interval. The essential essence is the rolling bassboa coiling around. Now for the squeeze.
Ehko vocal cuts & an occasional dramatic high note to catch us so off guard that we spill the drinks of our soul. The tune itself has the personality of a walnut filled with cockroaches, an insipid kroak that restarts very eight seconds to remind us that consistence is futile. The commiserable piano adds itself to the pyre like a woman to her husband's funeral, just making us sadder, & not in the intended way. But you can get free audio software to cut out this part & skip/repeat the next, the thankful return to that constrictor. It seems harder & dryer now. I can't put my finger on it, but I want my whole hand on it.


Moving on from that retriment, Tenerife is known internationally as the "Island of Eternal Spring". Here's why:
The elečtrotrasħ is as forgettable as Antalya's tune. The tune, meanwhile, is subreal roration, despite being just as repetitive. Such posttropical Venus as this is almost too good for tears- musical eversion & its nuclear confusion are an airtight desperation in this case. It is the inherent soulnessness & fatalism of Tenerife that make its barebones postminimal tunepunch so bloodfilled. The drumfall between segments completes the humanity, never needing or being helped by the four-piece ascent that arrives later. Instant hanguish from Tenegrief makes this mind-etching antegradation, so simple, but tonnage. It's the drive behind the ascenting descent that makes O&M's pengoodbye so pearled.

  1. 'Dharma'- 7 Skies