20 February 2012

Mix Act Duration
Awakenings (Original Mix) Super8 & Tab 8:02
Awakenings (Tritonal Remix) Super8 & Tab 7:41

Awakenings (Original Mix)

The first of the interwar period, Awakenings was their first titletrash. Transductively, it would make a great Dusky track, but it's both tail ends of a black flame, so it's a macabre, festive quirk that elevates & sublevates their artism to Day of the Dread. The awakenment starts at the drawing out from that myriadic dream, to a climbing tide, adding drops at a time until the Indian[1] looks dry. Eyes adjust at 3:30, & running starts at 3:52 down the cliff to the welcomingest fields. Announcing a new S8&T, Awakenings showed that they could do better than the blazing submarinewreck that is Empire, & their horseless aircarriage needed no road in their divorceless marriage, close as the stadial itero-dots & their backing, unchastening bass. The annunciation of a mistake-purger was no lie.

Awakenings (Tritonal Remix)

Their last ABing was their sincerest. Their best anjunarelease is an amphibian pilgrimage from the moon to the moon's moon, starting with their backsliding of the OM tune so that it appears more pensive & retrospective, as BT would do quantumly with L.A.. Nevertheless, their frameshift is stellar already. But they simplify it anyway, in case people didn't get it. The precis is marked with one of their unspooled electrostrings, a continuous warp that flows in & wraps around every stalactite, as seen in Piercing The Quiet Remixed. The tuneful climax has no surprises. The only new thing here is two piano keys, which seem like the climactic extra-tinge they are fond of, but this hot air is a glaze designed to fool. Don't be sucked in. You'll be spat down a drain that slices more than this climax does. It's no Can't Keep It In.

  1. ocean