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5 February 2007

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Child (Original Mix) Daniel Kandi 138 G minor 7:42
Nova (Original Rise Mix) Daniel Kandi 137 F# minor 7:44
Nova (Daniel Kandi vs Kris O'Neil Mix) Daniel Kandi 133 F# minor 7:28

Daniel Kandi's second release succeeds his debut, Breathe euphoniously.

Child (Original Mix)

Well meriting inclusion in Worldwide 01 and Anjunabeats 100, Child is a supernal majesty of dolour. Kandi's talent reaches almost his climax here.

Nova (Original Rise Mix)

It climaxes here.
The anguine synth writhes with ecstasy in this lachrymal masterpiece. Even better than Child, this blinds with thaumaturgy. A backgrounded synth helps to justify why Kandi has his own label.
He maintained his standards, as well. At least on Anjunabeats.

Nova (Daniel Kandi vs Kris O'Neil Mix)

Also Worldwide material, this copy and paste job is just a partially chilled conversion of Nova. It is completely unoriginal.