Cloud 9 / Everytime We Do / Plastic Heroin

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1 December 2009

Mix Act BPM Duration
Cloud 9 (Original Mix) Paul Keeley 127 9:16
Everytime We Do (Original Mix) Paul Keeley 132 8:14
Plastic Heroin (Original Mix) Paul Keeley 124 8:44

No-one asked for a reheated Life Aquatic EP.
Cloud 9 was the one best suited for AD 02. Although not as clysmian as most of his other songs, even excluding the bad ones, Cloud 9 is welcome, though it borders on anodyne instead of being firmly elation, as the name demands.
C9 has the style down; it seems to float & flow along, sadly missing the nemorousness in favour of plainest saturninity. No great.[1]

  1. The other 2 are infernal poison.