31 May 2004

Thankfully, the successor to Day One wasn't named 'Day Two'. Also sensibly, the vocal mix in included in Volume Two.

Mix Act Duration
Connected (Vocal Mix) Smith & Pledger vs. Matt Hardwick 7:19

Connected (Vocal Mix)

The electrotrash seamlessly slides into tune, the pads forming a simplistic, angelic declension. Soon, a couple of effluous[1], dulcet melodies further the emotion colossally.
The lyrics effloresce, & in the climax, the vocals blissfully, astronomically[2], & sensuously augment the sybaritic intensity. Some simplistic noises dolorously play this out.
This is celestial. Smith is laudable, & Gareh sang mellifluously as well.
This also has a remix from 'Colourfast', which I cannot find.