Counting The Points

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1 August 2011

Mix Act Duration
Counting The Points (Original Mix) Andrew Bayer 8:22
Counting The Points (Club Mix) Andrew Bayer 9:43
Counting The Points (Matt Lange Remix) Andrew Bayer 7:38

Counting The Points (Original Mix)

Bayer's first solo Anjunabeats release soloed this intrepitude from his first album. Not only did A & B allow him to go wild, but he went wild. True to his final form, AB dripped upwards from quiet beeps to a louder circumvolution, winding & twisting into dekeract knots, the funebral electronica rising to the top of Anjunabeats, the cream of music about to get creamier. As it fades into the distance, another empire rises: the thundercrack of Anjunabeats, apotheosis cubed: this second tune is moer than another continent on a gold planet. The endless thrilling fields don't stop! thalassic & classic, his electrofuture relents nothing in the path to Elysium. The tantalising waves hit less & less softly as they tsunamise against all, a vigintillion-wide black hole, with a slight uptick at the end of the ride, always assaulted & caressed by a piano dissociated from the song & reality, yet rooted in humanity. Sparkling effortlessly, heavier-than-uranium flight is beyond done with the piano's forte against the forte's piano.[1] The keys shatter titanium with their lightest touch, making this the most transcendental point in all of Anjuna history.

The Entry

2:29 is the most psychostimulant neurocution of all time: the feeling of breaking into a new multiverse, from the paleo to the deo, is the most futurist wall-dissolution of the mind, cognitive distance & anticonsonance. Back to the rest.
The iterating slope rains up & higher, the first tune snaking its way back & around, where their conthesis powers higher & up & bigger, bowing out for another quirk, this one the aberrantest, starting with maniacal, jutting chords, then flipping out into an electronik funkfest.

Counting The Points (Club Mix) (aka Extended Mix)

It's the OM with a kickdrum at the front & back. No change.

Counting The Points (Matt Lange Remix)

The typical great Lange style, mingled with the OM, is an interesting conversion, though he added minute, ineffective variations.

  1. adjectival noun