Dedicated To Boston's Waste Management System

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The Day Before Nothing Happens

Mix Act Duration
Dedicated To Boston's Waste Management System (Original Mix) Andrew Bayer 4:05
Dedicated To Boston's Waste Management System (Keyworth Remix) Andrew Bayer 5:09

Dedicated To Boston's Waste Management System

DTBWMS is as incongruous as its name. The unthinkable bells reign here, & with the superb violin syrup, climax smoothly after some dried patches, though at least it's daring. The final punch is such a hitting clearing, that it makes up for the journey: it's usualler & gloomier, working in the bells to more than merely tolerable. Despite all this, it was remixed.

Dedicated To Boston's Waste Management System (Keyworth Remix)

Lowering the key of a song is one of the best things a person can do. It's so easy, difficult to screw up, & rewarding, that I'm amazed more people don't do it. That's not all that Casey did here, though; that was just the start of his Jovian bewitchery. CK really betrenched it here, & made an ink Mirovia. After fifty-fix seconds of pent-up nothing, we're voyaged past the moon[1] & into Holmberg 15A. Even the first bar is the fiercest revolution of all Anjunabeats. Bacteria becoming humanity is not a starker, more surprising antithesis. This is not just the OM with the key turned down. This is an original, mortifying despair at existence. Neurotically sweet, dark, & potent, Keyworth steeped the OM bells in vantablack & rejuvenating quantum neanics, concretewhipping them with a graveyard of shattered dreams & shredded hearts.
It's already the fieriest blacklectrical shock, but Casey's not done piling on the honey. Although it's insanely sweet, it never feels the slightest bit saccharine. First came the flexible, flexing dark bass, creakily bending & oozing around; but then he kicks it into yottadrive at 1:21 with the jankliest, jinkliest crustacean-like instruments, ripping open a new Earth. These instruments are a wonder all on their own, their multiple sounds clinking out in succession, mesmerising & unimaginable. But the artist also known as BRKFST used them for the greatest good, the most unrelenting & untempered attack music has seen. This has the form of saccharineness, & none of the flaws.
Keyworth made a new kick to the amygdala, thunderwracks without mercy. Why compare this remix to the OM? It's not like they have anything in common.

  1. Cannoning us out into space would squash us into finely pureed salsa