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23 February 2010

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Disco Belle (Original Mix) Paul Keeley 126 D minor 8:07
Disco Belle (Peter Martin Remix) Paul Keeley 126 D minor 8:16
Disco Belle (Shawn Mitiska & Ben Preston Remix) Paul Keeley 128 D minor 6:46

After his quadripartite stardom of 2009, Keeley graced 2010 once. & it's enough for ten years.

Disco Belle (Original Mix)

Disco Belle is 89 songs in one: they keep coming, & coming. It feels like standing in the Mariana, & scooping water away to try to keep your head dry.
Tune #1 is the first of many skotomorphogenetics exercises. Next, it's a redwood: the funk dips & flutters, darkly shuddering just right.
Tune #2 is the sublevation of melolagnia: an incredulous Book of Psychotogenesis. The waves spill onto:
Tune #3 is the theophanous Panthalassic, a deep piano that can swallow tunes 90 times its size.
Tune #4 is the anagenesis of all of them: a comminuting, MK ultrahuman piano, lighter than before, but more corporeal, hitting harder than the swiftest kick to the head, & more blinding than decapitation- Keeley made AD 02. Keeley supernovaed this world with his Penrose megahedron.
Tune #5 is a vocal reverb flowing up & down. The polychroism couldn't be more diverse in this adrenaline brook.
Peris adds a funk-jazz feel, without major pains, but her complicated singing makes the VM worthwhile nonetheless.

Disco Belle (Peter Martin Remix)

Martin took a Matisse & used it to prop up a piano. A piano with no keys, just knives. Stay away from us, Martin.

Disco Belle (Shawn Mitiska & Ben Preston Remix)

These two have a better track record. They have a track record. This remix changed little & improved nothing.