Every Little Beat

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22 November 2011?

Mix Act Duration[1]
Every Little Beat (Original Mix) Above & Beyond 6:00
Every Little Beat (Myon & Shane 54 Summer of Love Mix) Above & Beyond 6:56

Every Little Beat (Original Mix)

The preception. The inception. The spark that would make the Sun. The deprecating title antithetes even the opening instant, a singular, singular violique starting in depth & sinking to fuligin. Verses always detract from a song, but here, it's less waterlogged, since RB's scheme places more desserts in our faces until we can finally dig in. It digs deeper than a South African mine, the silken piano abrasiver than a steam hammer made of razors. The refusal to acoustise is unforgivable. This olorine hyperflagration deserved more than one remix & a translation. Byssiner than Thing Called Love, this unimproveable aorta of adrenaline heralded the eighteen-winged giant that was A&B. At the end, they get another inkling of threeativity, but they thankfully cut that out in time for the close.

Every Little Beat (Myon & Shane 54 Summer of Love Mix)

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