Everywhere You Are

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24 January 2010

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Everywhere You Are (Original Mix) Mike Shiver & Aruna 134 E minor 8:18
Everywhere You Are (Duderstadt Remix) Mike Shiver & Aruna 132 E minor 7:41
Everywhere You Are (Mike Shiver's Catching Sun Mix) Mike Shiver & Aruna 138 B minor 8:46
Everywhere You Are (Timo Juuti Remix) Mike Shiver & Aruna 132 E minor 7:32

Shiver is one of those who were here only briefly, but are remembered more prominently. If you're doing it right.

Everywhere You Are (Original Mix)

Wiklund's four-year break ended with this, his last OM on AB. EYA is a greased lamprey, slipping out of the mind faster than most Wesley Crusher explanations, despite the deiform piano in the middle, & Aruna's piquant vocals, all because of the wrecking ball of a climax, spoiling the honey & milk of what the piano brought. This accursed climax washes over the good tune like waves on a Sadko. It's like beating an infant to death with a caramel chocolate bar. & it's in Vol 7. So thanks for nothing, Ehren Stowers.

Everywhere You Are (Duderstadt Remix)

These Russians spared no bullet in their arsenal: behold the tallest, strongest, pearliest gates around. This Antaresquake in slow-motion has the softest flow, smoother than air travel, & perfectly matching the amaranthine tune. Vinolence guaranteed, electric cuts & glossy pads accentuate the heavenliest of times. Duderstadt, we вас люблю.

Everywhere You Are (Mike Shiver's Catching Sun Mix)

Wiklund's CM tried to atone for the sins of the OM by making the tune more forceful, but that was all. The broef climax ultimately fixed nothing, so we can ignore this.

Everywhere You Are (Timo Juuti Remix)

This Finn topped off this icing-on-rye with vanilla nectar: the tune, although[1] Psalm 137:9ed by progressive trance furor, Juuti superimposed a fumiferous, dark tune over the muted OM, a drastically sensuous feat later superseded by an aureate synth. It's not just gold leaf, but gold redwood.