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At least we can agree on -40.


22 December 2009

Mix Act
Fahrenheit (Original Mix) Dan Stone
Fahrenheit (Ilya Soloviev Remix) Dan Stone

The third of Dan Stone's epic tetralogy was shown in Vol 7. Oh well.

Fahrenheit (Original Mix)

Stoney, to use his hypocoristic, stonewalled the crows with Fahrenheit. Despite this being easily his best song, it's still stonehearted. Any semblance of wonder is illusory: the stonecraft is more superficial than diamonds, a cup for every person. Giving it the colour of madder suggests that it would be madder, but it's just another look into his heart of stone.

Fahrenheit (Ilya Soloviev Remix)

This Soloviev decided to distance themself as far away from Vadim as possible, by being the least creative name in an EP with Dan Stone. Ilya should work at Xerox, since xhe's so great at copying.