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17 September 2012

Mix Act
Five Finger Death Punch Norin & Rad
DeVas Norin & Rad

Five Finger Death Punch

Still in their first year, this duo rounded it off with this Janus. Two years before the split, they were still in full flourishing form, as proven early on with their thin stadium campanes, without even counting the main attraction. The e-trash itself is an intro to a delightfully trashy climax that was mistaken for an actual apex. So skip it & get to 3:00, where the tune wafts in on the sirocco, giving us only a quick flash before cutting the pretaste & diving deep to death. No resurfacing: oxygen is replaced with street jungle beating, & life's clysmian substitute is a tune from the deepest Norin & Radio galaxy, quasaring & quartering sensation with an instant hanger & drawer, then raising the cliff by mantle-lengths, repetitive, but never dull. The Nevadan band is named here for some reason, but stick to this veinfilling, pupil-dilating heartness.


I cannot explain the capitalisation of the V. As for the name, the only thing devastated here is me when I realise that this is no good. Everything is there. The fast, alternating synth simmers against the slower, morphinic piano dourly boiling against the main hype. & that piano does its job well... too well. Pithiness can be overreached, & N&R overplayed their hand, giving us nothing to chew on while it goes down our throats anyway. Unlike buddhism's devas, this is not divine.[1]