Frequency Flyer

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26 September 2011

Mix Act
Frequency Flyer (Original Mix) Mat Zo

Right off the nailed bat, He hits us hard: his beat has a reverb bouncier than glass. His never-faltering invention shows in his distaste for genre barriers, advancing beyond trance into a rave new world: his small device dances with sleek electric hits, building up to a Kosciuszko crescendo, cold & dominating. It diminuendos into one of his 70s reminiscences that have no partner in reality. His eclectic influence paid off when he ended the ancient aurigraphy with a downer chapter, the tragedy of Zamyatin drizzled on Zohar's honey gets TNTed by a new violous instrument adds light to the nova, which already outshined the rest of the universe- each second juvenesces, since more ingenuities pop up all the time. Bigger than Zhumulangma, the climax is saintful penetralia that we are blessed to hear.

Loop (The Essential Unreleased Mix)

This is a track that originally got played on Above & Beyond's Essential Mix earlier in the year. It was kinda the prototype for 'Frequency Flyer', as well as another track that I am working on for my album.
When I read that, I got confused to Ur-Hell & back, because none of the DC songs are that bad. The evolution, schism & influence fascinates, since FF has at least four songs within, & many potential remixes, & Loop has none. This moral privation is not so essential after all.