Ghost In The Machine

Ploy story.


23 November 2010

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Ghost In The Machine (Original Mix) Michael Cassette 123 C major 7:54-.
Ghost In The Machine (Komytea Remix) Michael Cassette 126 A minor 6:29

They needed this one singled out for one bonus remix, & history.

Ghost In The Machine (Original Mix)

From Temporarity came this retrofuture disco idoneosity. That's all this is. Not memorable, or special, just... good. The style is out of control, though: stern miasmata swirl against a playful, ephemeral tune. This is only salient for being the first AD song with a music video.[1]

Mike the recycle technician

fixes machines. But then the mental activity that occurs in parallel with physical action, but with no known way for the two to interact, according to theories of mind-body dualism stings him! After he leaves, a TV plays subliminal messages for this liminal song. Mike never even Sids with them! Ultimately an improvident video for an improvident song.

Those Max bedroom eyes.

Ghost In The Machine (Komytea Remix)

Of course they had to release GITM as a single. Otherwise, how could they have made an electro version made up mostly of drills hitting rock & dying, interspersed with the OM, but slightly ruined further? Once you hear the wild, creative differences, you will understand the necessity of this CM.