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Where does the dichotomy end?


16 June 2008

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Groove Nova (Original Mix) Jaytech 129 C# minor 6:17
Deadlock (Original Mix) Jaytech 128 A minor 7:19
Groove Nova (Oliver Smith Tech Mix) Jaytech 129 C# minor 7:42
Groove Nova (Oliver Smith Deep Mix) Jaytech 129 F# minor 8:49

This is Jaytech's third EP & last release before his debut album Everything Is OK. Both of these songs were included in that.

Groove Nova (Original Mix)

This megalith of blinding bliss wastes no time getting straight into the action, as it confederates grinding bass with amazing vocals, synth, & tintinnabulations. Jaytech confirmed his seraph status with this. This well merited remixes.
Groove Nova is the preternatural splash in an APM 08279+5255[1] of numens' tears of joy. Elevating pleasure is the quotidian agenda of Anjuna.

Deadlock (Original Mix)

Deadlock is not foremost a song. You can think of it as a song, but why would you? This brilliant mix is a psychotropic odyssey through a surreal, abstract soundscape. This garden path timescape is worth listening to.

Deadlock in visual form.

Groove Nova (Oliver Smith Tech Mix)

This Volume 6 inclusion separates the bells from the bassline, the long spaces filled with some unemotive deep trance electrotrash. There is no tuneful climax.
The tintinnabulations on a peninsula are a spectacular sight: they pulse & flow canorously.

Groove Nova (Oliver Smith Deep Mix)

In this nine minute Phlegethon, the tech interludes of the TM are replaced with vasectomised OM orthodox conversion, & the quality is replaced with travesties. Still no tuneful climax!