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6 August 2012

Mix Act
Leeknath Seb Dhajje
Calista Nantes Seb Dhajje


What is a 'leeknath'? It's Middle English for 'hath not a leke'.[1][2] What can't be explained is how this feels so good. Seb Dhajje ended his millennium nap with his remix of Relic, & more of that trench tech mastery flowers here. SD's styles resemble Gai Barone, but dreamier. Seb's time-neutralising clouds are a bathyscaphe to the core of the soul, eternal bells without beginning or end. The fog drowns out any dimension we can measure the seconds with. Seb Dhajje means not just listening, but being swallowed by our own arachnoconsciousnesses. The twisting, mystiċal vocal cuts whisper into oblivion, susurrating & serrating into an untouched kaleidodream. Some music is worth it for the ride.

Calista Nantes

'Calista' is a woman's name, & 'Nantes' is a French city. Now that the title has been explained, now for the song to not be: the synapse train left Cycledelia Station long ago, & ran out of steam or changed to a new fuel source, depending on how much you want it. Some things are up to personal interpretation, and this suits only a specific mood. & what an unplumbable, immeasurable mood it is: it is easy to be cynical about this subgenre, and we should be- it is very easy to make. But the oneirist effect it has in our brains cannot be taken for granted. Either way, Dhajje did not return except for his 2014 sendoff, & this black, shimmering honey lives on forever.