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Mad Zoo is Mat Zo's record label, founded in 2014. It is a sublabel of Anjunabeats. Mat Zo's second album Self Assemble was released on this in 2016.
I won't continually review Mad Zoo releases, same as Anjunabeats. It now seems to be a repository for impassive drivel.

See the list on Beatport for yourself.

Notable releases are chronologically:

Don't listen to 'Left To Right'.

Get Down 2 Get Up

Released for free on Soundcloud, this is the (funk) song to end all others. This is how not just funk, but music should be: polylithic, woven with many different[1] fibres, & drizzling a warm, sensual tune upon us. You'll be as high as the vocals when you hear them.



The unholy trinity. His brain ate itself as he made this.

That is all


  1. contradicting Leviticus 19:19!