Marsh / Corvette / Tapepack

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25 April 2011

Mix Act
Marsh (Original Mix) Solarity
Corvette (Original Mix) Solarity
Tapepack (Original Mix) Solarity


AD 03 is fastened shut with this excremental bow. This is no more than eight minutes of the same archdevilry, that earleech they seem so proud of. True to name, this is the most paludal 2011 got.


This is immediately a more refulgent dagger ab initio. It would have pyrolysed AD 03, from the second minute, when the penumbra & the umbra collide to make their resplendent antumbra, to the circumstellar violins. This earworm will be an aurorean butterfly, & after the pupal stage with the second minute going on behind it, we sink into the deepest mensch for the cinerea incineration.
The stygobitic fortitude is well enough, but when paired with the violins, becomes bigger than IC 1101, or NGC 262- Corvette is ultraintensity as you haven't tasted it.


The follow-up has less power than a warship. Another earworm, of the tape variety.