Micrsh EP

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4 April 2011

Mix Act
Micrsh (Original Mix) Stephen J Kroos
When Autumn Comes (Original Mix) Stephen J Kroos
Encode (Original Mix) Stephen J Kroos
Safe Radiation (Original Mix) Stephen J Kroos

His penultimatum was also his goodbye, for talent at least.


This oddity was worth the intro to AD 03. The compilations usually opened with incongruous miscellanea, & this fits the bill to a T, P & Q- although a letter seems to be missing. Most of this is just floating in the ether, once disrupted by the tune, a stripped, echoing, bizarre war song. Cut up & reassembled, it still hyperiridesces.

When Autumn Comes

This would have worked as well. The two fuels in Apollo 104 are a neuronautical funk, & a sweeping, transpective synth. When they mix, the force is liquidating, a soothing scorch.


The sequel to Angiogenesis lacks the tune, instead feasting on a semihemidemitune with a lunar atmosphere. Kroos' blues are more clanking than smoothing, which is why the best part is the drop at 5:04. A submerged volcano spasmically yet rhythmically ejecting in the South Sandwich is beautiful to be holed.[1]

Safe Radiation

Flowing deeper, SR further mechanises the heart & whole with a Tecktonickesque pseudotune, then blossoming into another metallic climax at 4:59, shattering bones & teeth. There's nothing safe about this seaborgium.

  1. intentional