Mike Shiver

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Mike Shiver is the stage name of a Swedish master, Michael Wiklund. He is responsible for some great works, such as his angelic remixes of Everafter by Tritonal, & Sique by Fandy.
His remixes are commonly labeled 'Catching Sun' or 'Garden State'.

Designation EP Year
ANJ068 Morning Drive 2006
ANJ151 Everywhere You Are 2010
ANJ271 Ohh 2013
Song Act Year Collaborator
On The Edge Mark Pledger 2006
Clear Blue Water OceanLab 2006
Lonely Girl OceanLab 2009
Downforce Nitrous Oxide 2010
Thing Called Love Above & Beyond 2011 Matias Lehtolas
Empire Super8 & Tab 2011
Remixed A & B thrice.