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11 December 2011

Mix Act Duration
Mozart Mat Zo & Arty 7:10

Following up Rebound is a trans-Herculean task, since there's no shortcut that can be taken. Together, they kept their good name, with a soulrazer almost as worth stealing.
Again, the first second spills the jumping beans: this is no ordinary track; the neotropicalism is too ripe & bursting, with slippery, firm crunch-snaps, the rhythmicest idiophones, & a mild hint at the tune. The smoothed wing-buzzing razzes concinnously with the hypercussion, & the tune's nto even there, until it creeps back like the gardens of Babylon, transbiblical & hyperearthian, doubling down & tripling up on the stadial synths. It's replaced by a slight ecbolic, a sanious pumpkinification of all we held dear. Well, it's worth it for the 6:30 alternating echo, & the rising aftershocks. Still better than the man himself.

Music Video[1]

This self-explanatory[2] video does something new, unlike most music videos. The 'behind the scenes' vid is less than half info, & mostly b-roll excess.[3]
I would mock Nike, but comments do that for me. See 1:39.
This time, Ian Gamester directed. Apparently, he also did Bigger Than Love.[4]