No One On Earth

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3 June 2004

Click here for the remixes, part one.
Click here for the remixes, part two.


Mix Act BPM Key Duration
No One On Earth (Original Mix) Above & Beyond feat. Zoe Johnston 138 F minor 8:39
No One On Earth (Gabriel & Dresden Remix) Above & Beyond feat. Zoe Johnston 138 F minor 9:21

This is Above & Beyond's second & final song before the release of Tri-State.

No One On Earth (Original Mix)

Sounding like something out of Group Therapy, this is a rayless, sorrowful, & slightly psychedelic masterpiece, brandishing colossal acoustic piano & violin supremacy. Zoe Johnston is empyrean in this, as always. The vocals are multiform, being murmurs, snatches, lyrics, near talking, & forceful passion. They play over the electrotrash, & talking appears early on. So it is evident that she put all of her effort into this, & so did everyone else. The result is a classic that was the first to receive both an acoustic mix, & a chill-out mix; among many other remixes.

No One On Earth (Gabriel & Dresden Remix)

This electrotrance opus is completely unconnected to the OM, though it has the vocals so that makes it okay. There are three parts to this: the synth, the vocals, & the pads.
The vocals are unchanged, although only the lyrical portions are used. The pads are a melancholy declension that sounds good solitarily, & sounds terrific in conjunction with the highly electronic synth, which laments celestially.
This was the only thing that G & D have done on Anjunabeats. I wonder why it took so long for them to return, since this won A State Of Trance Tune[1] Of The Year 2004.