Nuclear Fusion

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27 October 2009

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Nuclear Fusion (Original Mix) Mat Zo 132 C minor 7:44
Nuclear Fusion (Rex Mundi Remix) Mat Zo 132 F minor 9:39

Nuclear Fusion (Original Mix)

Zohar's undying eclecticism interfuses a stylistically boundless mechanical background with minacious bass, shock-transitioning into an innocent, romantic tune, earning his titles. Tailspinning into the initially tuneless climax, the tune is picked back up in all its lacrimal glory. The perfect herald of Vol 7.

Nuclear Fusion (Rex Mundi Remix)

Taking the whole song benthic is a technique should be done, & done with extra flourish, so as to not be lazy. The efefct is always pleasing, but since you can shift the key on any DJ program, why bother doing just that? Mundi deepened the bassline further than the rest of the song, so although it sounds like it was done in 2 minutes at most, it's still a good listen, wistful in substance & style.