Out Of Reach

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5 November 2012

Mix Act
Out Of Reach (Original Mix) Jody Wisternoff
Out Of Reach (Club Mix) Jody Wisternoff
Out Of Reach (Alfred Taylor Remix) Jody Wisternoff
Out Of Reach (Andre Sobota Remix) Jody Wisternoff

Out Of Reach (Original Mix)

All talent was out of reach when Wisty made this. This is the dullest splatch of sound anyone has ever made. No flavour, timing, advance, style, events, or spark. Nothing happens or changes in this song. Every second is a clone of all the others. The preview skipped to the club mix while I was on another tab, & I didn't even notice.[1]

Out Of Reach (Club Mix)

Speaking of which, this is just the same thing. I cannot name one difference. It's just an EM.

Out Of Reach (Alfred Taylor Remix)

Alfred Granger-Howell needed a pen name for this? I would have made it more different to my real name, & better yet, not made or released it. If you enjoy hypnotic pulses that never change, deviate, turn, careen, surprise, or move, this still won't be good enough for you, because this is such an exceptional burst of refusing to use a brain. Remember, EEGs can pick electric waves from bowls of jelly. Not this though: of all the Hadean beats that could have been rightfully deep album cuts or even unpublished, this shocking gap in humanity was pinned to AD05. May the person who allowed this fall into a patch of onions & never get up.

Out Of Reach (Andre Sobota Remix)

André Oliveira Sobota's debut shows he did not know what a remix is. It has 're-' in the name, implying something is meant to be changed. But this is as shameful & disgraceful as the OM. Generic is too kind for these emotional zombies.