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27 November 2011

Mix Act
Overdrive (Original Mix) Jaytech
Overdrive (PROFF Remix) Jaytech
New Vibe (Giran's Old Vibe Mix) Jaytech

Overdrive (Original Mix)

The penultimate of 2011, & Jaytech's AD, is Norwegian for 'exaggerate', & 'a state of heightened activity' does that well. This is a repetitive, punctuative sedative, as all good psychedelic trance is. Vol 9 hums & shivers with this hypnotic, sonorific honorific, which slowly traipses along towards nowhere.
This is not a tune-based song. This is a mind-dissociation. At that purpose, it succeeds, from the middle wall-building, to the start & finish shimmy up-&-down. The background vocal, the warning tri-klaxon, & the dehumanised, roboticised shout make a dark planet indeed. The languidity here is the attraction, not the detraction; the protraction is no subtraction. Though it's devoid, it's timidly neurospheric.

Overdrive (PROFF Remix)

Making lemonade, Ershov used his own brown sugar. Rambling through a typical VE set-up, Vlad eventually gets to his own pseudo-tune, but sadly, again, the ramble is the spectacle. But where the OM is mesmerising, this is frustrating, waiting for a joy that never fruits. AD 04 is not better off for this.

New Vibe (Giran's Old Vibe Mix)

Giran did not need to remix this pseudo-song. Nobody needed to. The entire vapid blotch is the OM dredged up, except for a brief nonattempt at melancholy. He has since been missing, not missed. Keep our milk cartons clean.