Professional Killers / Pyromania

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13 October 2008

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Professional Killers (Original Mix) Komytea 124 F major 8:01
Pyromania (Original Mix) Komytea 125 A minor 8:05

The inception of the heptad of Komytea EPs is tenebrous & oceanic: they launched splendidly.

Professional Killers (Original Mix)

This has the slowest, most protracted beginning of any song, or maybe it just seems that way, since it's a constant accumulation. The tune is an apogee of Anjunadeep, & thus is thankfully included in Volume 6.
The tune, funereal & forceful, could make Komytea accidental killers.

Pyromania (Original Mix)

4:20 is when the tune begins. That's more than halfway. It's never too late, for Komytea: their umbrageous winter chills away. Nothing excelling, though a pleasant, plangent mignon.


19 March 2009


Professional Killers (Jerome Isma-Ae & Daniel Portman Remix)

This 2009 supplement for Anjunadeep 01 is tolerable for only one reason: despite the protracted ordure, this remix has the OM tune, but higher in some places! Making it the least tolerable tolerable remix.
These higher-pitched times invoke a different melancholy, fulfilling a purpose. Good work, Portman.