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30 May 2011

Mix Act
Relic (Original Mix) Paul Keeley
Relic (Seb Dhajje Remix) Paul Keeley

Relic (Original Mix)

Wrapping up his spectral heptad is his farewell & funeral wreath, Relic. The style is not relict; neither was the four-year wonder Keeley. So the irrelevant name is one speck of the charm. The two main parts to this are the hallucinogenic space-tribal scentanyl, which makes a song & a career in se, cast against an unrestrained melody bucking around & away, recalcitrantly filling the limey tang in sweet & sour. This rare pair of psych warred & fruity delect is a fitting longboat to push off.

Relic (Seb Dhajje Remix)

The god of deep tech debuted with an OM, showing us his Challenger Depth, parading plinking metal & unreal effetcs to make an unrealler xenotheological libation, enflaming the ur-mind with unknowably phantasmal hierophany. This is my greatest example of a remix irrelevant to the OM.