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14 November 2005

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Resolution (Original Mix) Aalto 139 A minor 8:14
Resolution (Oliver Prime Remix) Aalto 139 A major 9:35

Resolution (Original Mix)

Panthalassa drowns. Paavo & Eloranta's collaboration writhes in a hasty electropercussive melody, & a synth iterating four eupelagic notes. Illapsing into overdosage, the thaumaturgist synths pillar heaven on & on, forbidden-fruit-flavoured ice-cream freezing brains & the whole neural system. One for the ages, not just Vol 3.
The only flaw is the unwarranted, execrable manure that gets shoveled in our ears after the tune is introduced, before the climax. Why is this done so much? It's as though they put half an hour of Lucas-grade CGI animals before annihilating the Death Star. It's criminally asinine. & musicians do it anyway!

Resolution (Oliver Prime Remix)

This begins with strange, metallic sounds. Minutes of dross follow. I'm guessing that Prime is a psy-trancer. Here's why:
The solitary thing that he took away from Resolution was the psy-trance effects.
There's a garbled, half-remembered version of the tune in what I think is supposed to be the climax. It has the exact same amount of energy as the rest of the song, even the intro electrotrash. Beware- there is no tune in this. It's just nine & a half minutes of recrement.
What was going through his mind as he made this? I have some good psy-trance. Does he know what it is? Was he thinking 'Oh yeah, Oakenfold would envy this' as he put his own name on it? Why are such deluded people allowed to do this? Why was this given an official release, as the B-side? Who listened to this & thought of it as something that people should hear?

Resolution (Daniel Kandi's Solution Mix)

From the futuristic year of 2011 came Kandi's best, an everyoung forest of percussives, electronics, & psychotics that updated the OM from top to bottom: in every salvific part, irukanji threats to sphygmic safety reign,, from the pervoluting[1] bass, to the many beats hitting about, the gaps sweetening the urgency, the OM's rapid melody subjacented, until the climax's acme. This whole revolution is a Tochka to the face.