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4 June 2003 according to Beatport and Google Play; 1 January 2002 according to the AB website

Aalto's second release is a poppy-coloured delight. The beauty of this tune can take some time to understand, since it is slightly obfuscated by the styles. The original mix is a multi-tuneful energetic simplicity. The euphoric tune is iterative, exquisite, and inventive. The uplifting climax is succeeded by an unconventional flash of sunlessness. This is an interesting choice.
This has one remix, and it's from Super8 vs. Orkidea. Their eight minute rework includes pianos, pads, and nice metallic scraping electrotrash. Everything in this eight minutes is unoriginal. It does cover the OM in different ways, however. The tune is expressed in piano, the synth, and two different pad styles. The tune is definitely altered slightly, from A minor to B minor, so buy the OM for euphoria, and it's remix for moroseness.