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It will make you hope for redshift.


19 May 2008

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Shift (Original Mix) Adam Nickey 137 B minor 7:44
Shift (Tom Cloud Remix) Adam Nickey 137 B minor 8:05

Adam[1] Nickey, aka Sebastian Wichary, should have reserved this for a different label.

Shift (Original Mix)

The synopsis proclaims that he's done it again, though it's only his second release. They also boast of the kind of haunting, harmonised female vocal that’ll be shuttling, un-hindered around your brain for the next 8 weeks. However, this tune is so formular, it's closer to 8 microseconds.
Worst is when they called him Leader of the Polish trance guard. If anyone is, it's N2O.
Shift does not have an abominable tune, but this languidness is not ecstasy to any lifeform.

Shift (Tom Cloud Remix)

The breakdown is the same. The climax begins slightly warped, as though it's been left out in the sun for too long. Then an original tune overlays: it's plaintive, & carries more weight than Nickey did. It falls short of salvaging, yet it was a mild, ultimately anodyne effort. Don't worry, he never reappears.