Sirens Of The Sea (Single)

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An innovative ecstasy from the beginning.


21 April 2008

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Sirens Of The Sea (Above & Beyond Club Mix) OceanLab 138 D minor 7:58
Sirens Of The Sea (Cosmic Gate Remix) OceanLab 132 D minor 9:19
Sirens Of The Sea (Sonorous Remix) OceanLab 132 D minor 7:32
Sirens Of The Sea (Kyau vs. Albert Remix) OceanLab 132 D minor 7:55
Sirens Of The Sea (Maor Levi Remix) OceanLab 132 D minor 9:35

This acme of humanity deserved multitudinous remixes.
Despite the low catalogue listing, this was released 3 years after ANJ051.

Sirens Of The Sea (Original Mix)

Every second is fulgurated beyond oneirism. Who can listen & not cry? Arbitrarily highlighted by naming (because the rest of the album is also superb), every yoctosecond is a fierceness that will corrodes the soul. The Wolf-Rayet stelliferous pads, the suaviloquence oozing with atrament & neuronautical dulciloquence, the ultrahumanity of it all: this is completely deserving of the title.

Sirens Of The Sea (Above & Beyond Club Mix)

Truly beginning at the middle, this is no replay of the OM, but a vivacious, original moon that brutally & brumally annihilates a planet covered in oceans of tears. This CM is not only roborant, but showcases original piano that again obliterates the heart.

Sirens Of The Sea (Cosmic Gate Remix)

Included as a bonus track in the remix LP, this opens with some vigorous, creative electrotrash for 2008. & it is lethal. The raising to another octave is purely overdrive.
The climax is tuneless & thankfully audacious at first. The tune arrives & jaculates mellifluous atrament into every Planck time unit. A stellar debut.

Sirens Of The Sea (Sonorous Remix)

This is apparently[1] "neo-trance". I don't know how, since that's not what trance turned into, or is turning into, although we have future house in the present. But it is a distinctly alternative psychoneurotica, maybe not meshing with anything, not any genre, nor the future; but it is an advancement. Ralf Müller lived up to his name: this is sonorous, meaning full of sound and rich, as in language or verse.

There is another meaning to 'sonorous', namely grandiloquent. But even though this tract is void, RM filled it with

I don't want to praise this too much: Sonorous took a hands-off approach to tunebending, stripping away anything that could be malleable, holdable, tangible.

Maybe this German could return sometime.

Sirens Of The Sea (Kyau vs. Albert Remix)

These remixes of SOTS are not only seraphic, but original. This is not exempt: you may have noticed the old cognomen of their coupling. This translates to very mild psychomimetica, thanks to their unique 2004 Euphonic style. The tune is a numinous obvolution. The bridge is a minute of clement psychedelia. Then the climax tunefully detonates again.

Sirens Of The Sea (Maor Levi Remix)

The synopsis[2] promulgates "this release is fielding an all-German squad." I researched this, & have concluded that Israelis are not Germans, generally speaking. I could not find a connection between Levi & Germany. Since he is not mentioned, he must have been a late addition. & it shows. It was not long before he was conscripted.[3]

This is the solitary remix of this song that is not worth all of your time & money. None of this is tolerable. & the whole vague, especially the climax is a bizarre farraginous blitz of tunelessness & attempts. It won't be difficult to avoid this.