Stick By This

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Stick By This
by Dusky
Released 17 October 2011

Most tracks here range from old scybalum, to quirky experiments that went nowhere. I will not speak of those tracks.


1."Silence Never Heard"2:51
2."Lost In You"5:15
3."Stick By This"5:50
5."I'm Running[1]"5:43
8."Lost Highway"6:46
9."Mr Miyagi"4:51
10."Thoughts & Motions"4:40
11."It's Not Enough"6:49
13."Need You Back"6:42
14."If Only"4:25
15."Fossilised Light (iTunes Bonus Track)"so what
16."Amongst Monks (Amazon Bonus Track)"who cares

Stick By This

Instead, I'll review the songs you should get. The first is the AD 04-sparker & title track, which wasn't highlighted enough, since it lacks remixes. Most of the time, title tracks are the most abominative. & I'm very glad that Dusky started a label to spew their excreta on, since this album alone is mostly deepity. But as for this, it deserved the play & more.
& from the start, too; not some edit: the violist cuts cut deeply, being both harsh, & bulbless. & that's just to set the mood! What else does that, & so shockingly? No wonder AD 04 is whipped open with this.
The small bass lies under, since the real star is the repetitive dings & clings, the thin bells, that lose their power when the under-roller wanes, a fundamental of music. Violins improve everything; remember that. This time, it sololy deflagrates into rainbow ash. Nice.

Need You Back

Harder than most AB at the time, NYB is primordial, in more ways than one: the tune, so simplistik, luridest black, writes the Book of Erotogenesis in Blackadder & blue-ring venom; & the honorific style, so grand, evoking the majesty & immanence of Ur-God, the megachurch of the Sistine Chapel, lies dormant within us all; plus their song Primordial has the same imperial ur-metal style.