30 July 2012

Mix Act
Stranger (Original Mix) Jaytech
Stranger (Kyau & Albert Remix) Jaytech
Stranger (Michael Jay Parker Remix) Jaytech

Stranger (Original Mix)

Another titan made the great switch with his first dive into the unDeep trench. Cayzer's style did not change as much as Anjunadeep's did. JC's 2012 is slightly bouncier than before, though. The cuttable first half is his piddling bass rolling like folds of honey in tea, his style pumped up because the bass is not. It is always mind-questioning when they make a portion absorbing because of what preceded it. This prime priming is seen when the rambling piano freeze-moves against the subbass background, only made transmental by the previous rumble. Steve Smith made no name here, since he was not given anything special to do. The vocals per se are a dry flatbread, his dear fences keeping any exhilaration & intrigue out of his performance. When the time comes for his upspiral, he weakly yelled, since he seems to have been James' nonattempt at making this piano ramble sound more epic than it is. If he didn't try, then neither did Smith. His Wikipedia page is not Steve Smith (musician), nor Steve Smith (singer), but Steve Smith (house music vocalist).[1]
The instrumental is an aimless, destinationless loop of a playful piano, if that piano is playing Sealandian Roulette with mildness for bullets. It never changes, always taunting, avoiding the path much less taken. The rare solace found in this hellland is the background copypaste of his song Paradox, which you should get anyway, despite this macabre caricature of the Great Sandy. Paradox has the psychomorphic diabolism upfront, unpolluted by anaesthetised piano & a drowning waste of progtech.

Stranger (Music Video)

Snowdonia, Wales: Myles Desenberg tells the story of a lumberjack who falls in love at first sight with a drowned woman. Anastasia Pigiron stays a night, & leaves in Garth's car[2] while the off-screen chopper's car fails. How'd she get there in the first place? Would he have moved to the city to avoid ending her career? Could they have worked things out? So many questions to not care about.

Stranger (Kyau & Albert Remix)

The Germans crunched their bass hard, & rammed their own tune even harder. For one, they made Steve Smith sound empyrical.[3] Even the piano's afterplay makes an iota of sense now, despite James's own vain version. A good tune can really set everything alight, fire catching on even the wettest wood. Whereas the Echo tune was drowned out, K&A's tune is Tunguskaed facially, desperating into the vacuum, repeating almost as much as the OM, while showing some darkness underlie the powermelody, more provocative than any book could be.

Stranger (Michael Jay Parker Remix)

His echt name is Michael Wlach, & he shouldn't have hidden his name, but his whole existence. This is another loop, & unlike his compatriots', this one is more for an advertisement than an autotelic goal. You don't burn, you don't return- this would be a better rule.