2 March 2009

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Sunrise (Original Mix) Boom Jinx & Oliver Smith 138 G major 7:52
Sunrise (Volume 6 Edit) Boom Jinx & Oliver Smith 138 G major 7:56
Sunrise (Jaytech Remix) Boom Jinx & Oliver Smith 130 D minor 7:37
Sunrise (Joost Van Der Vleuten Remix) Boom Jinx & Oliver Smith 138 G major 7:50

Dream collaborations are pairings of the finest aces. Hearts & diamonds drip from this Volume 6 highlight.
Boom Jinx: I was going through a very inspired period when I wrote ‘Sunrise’, enjoying composing more than the time-consuming process of producing. Following my own advice to get the chords and melodies in place first, I wrote three ideas that I hoped would eventually become Anjunabeats releases. Knowing that producing all three of them on my own could easily take several months, I started playing with the idea of having others co-produce them. They all sounded kind of movie-esque at first so although there are a number of tracks from my original demo in ‘Sunrise’, Oli basically produced the entire song at first.[1]

Sunrise (Original Mix)

The sole intentional highlight of Volume 6 merits it. However, there is no difference between the OM & the Vol 6 'edit'.
The tune ontology does not trip a photon fantastic, though the end result is pleasing nonetheless. The tune is very traditionalistic, though nectarian at every second. This was an odd choice for singling out, though. They didn't even change it minimally.
Oliver Smith's third since independence & Jinx's second Beats release does not sound reminiscent of Eide's flection at all. This tune is from Smith, 99% chance.

Sunrise (Jaytech Remix)

This is the driest egesta ever laid on the Anjuna 'a'. Unmistakeably his style, this remix is a corpse in sound form: every minute appearance of something that could be alive, without the actual life. The tune makes Florida look[2] like West Virginia. Jaytech thankfully did not stick to further allochezia.

Sunrise (Joost Van Der Vleuten Remix)

This heightens the circumambages. This EP used to be tolerable, long ago. Now, it's occupied by buckets of lientery.
One of the first dream collaborations deserved better remixing, though not now, I suppose. He released two seraphic songs[3] later, Find My Way/Lost In Nowhere.