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9 May 2011

Mix Act Duration
Superman (Original Mix) Mat Zo 7:38
Superman (Mike Koglin Remix) Mat Zo 7:37

Superman (Original Mix)

The probable progenitor of Superman Lost & The Lost lives up to the sprawling history. From the first second, as usual for Him, the song lights up the Sun, with clicks & echoes drifting away, all against a fluxing anomaly. The vocal cut signals the plunge, & is neurotically jostled back & forth, sloping into the Superman tune, an incessant ultramarathon, just to get to the crest, then a graceful tumble down. The break for a jazz rendition is another of his eclectic epiphanies. The first climax pounds like a fallen conifer, then recedes to return in greater numbers. Round 2 runs with a panther beat, living up those horns that colour Anjunabeats, then all returns to the sea.

Superman (Mike Koglin Remix)

ANJ200 was stolen. ANJ201 was also xeroxed. Was he only allowed two seconds on this?

The Lost

This is alien to Superman, although a brief similarity can be hallucinated if you try hard enough.

Superman Lost

This contains both of the tunes of The Lost, & Superman. All three are aurigraphic sonnets.