The Lemon Effect

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21 May 2012

Mix Act
The Lemon Effect (Original Mix) Answer42
The Lemon Effect (PROFF Remix) Answer42
The Lemon Effect (Suspect 44 Remix) Answer42

The Lemon Effect (Original Mix)

The Batavo-Italic trio gave their last OM in 2012, bowing out later with a mix of Neon Feel. Despite the recent santorum of Fragments / Aria, this is their zenith's height: 36 seconds in, we get rawhorsed with this citric, nitric piece, without even much transition. Intricate styles are a hallmark of this trio, A, P, & S, so even though we have seven minutes, there's no moment to waste, no time to lose, so two rivers spring up & course, smoothly twining the main despondence that throws itself into the Holy Citrinity, & marches on the floor of birds' boens; the background wibbling; the panpiping hot flutism; vocal slices, & too many other things to extol. Whereas some tunes are refined, or restrained, or restriced, TLE cut all the wires, removed all the fuses, & broke the lights on the floor that guide you through smoke to make sure that we go down, & barrelling through a yellow sky of procalypse, not just the end, but a new start. The guitar echoes bounce spicily against the dragging pyramid blocks, making no pyramid, but icosahedrons dedicated to epicists of the future. The lost hallucinauts stiffen & umbrate it up back from the snail festival, filling out a range of places to associate with.

The Lemon[1] Effect (PROFF Remix)

VE is the antero-retro hero music needs to get up & shake off the asbestos dust. Each beat of this epeirogenetic heart rips a new crack into a lonsdaleite Chomolungma, sizzled to ecstasy & marinated in that 80s adreno-heat that drenches & boils with the purest liquid helium. That step from the engulfing mists into the knifing shadows only gets rawer when his bass bounces line up in the perfect jazzesque smoothness, aquatic & sensuous. He toys up to the mountain. & that sacrifices the heart & the blood too. The crash through the steel marble & into the arterial pitchblende is the greatest breakthrough of life. Even though it repeats, it is dark enough to not need more (though it would be great if it got it). What does this have to do with Answer42? Nothing. It should have been released as an OM. Come on.

The Lemon Effect (Suspect 44 Remix)

This duo did not stray as far as Vlad did, but that was their loss. It does not suffice to simply add more vocal cuts & pump a heavier beat. A remix needs change. They tried to appear different by making the last note slightly off, but it sounds broken, corrupted, & unpleasurable. These misers would guillotine themselves soon after. If you have AD 04, & you do if you like saving money, then you do not need to hear this copywaste at all.