The Sleeping Beauty



8 August 2011

Mix Act Duration
The Sleeping Beauty (Original Mix) Dinka 6:42, mercifully.
The Sleeping Beauty (Komytea Remix) Dinka 6:39

The Sleeping Beauty (Original Mix)

She rounded off her quadrennial with this AD 03 bulbosity, mindlessly ringing on & on, quintating brain cells, leeching the soul. Anodyne is an anagram of annoyed, for good reason: TSB is barrener than Hyperion, spiralling into nothing & nowhere, polluting the air that carries it. Roach corpses don't please the eye not the tongue.

The Sleeping Beauty (Komytea Remix)

The Finns didn't even try. I know the perfect place to play it: Edwards Air Force Base, Eckel Industries, the Benefield Facility in Redmond, Washington.