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8 October 2007

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Together (Original Mix) Joonas Hahmo 128 F minor 7:57
Sound Of Sunday (Original Mix) Joonas Hahmo 134 F# major 8:16

Hahmo's debut is inaccurate[1] to the rest of his discography.
The first of his five releases, this barely begins to encapsulate his broad talent, and partially served to elevate Anjunadeep after the atrocities and blunders.
The synopsis nevertheless does not do this justice. They mentioned Pryda, which is apposite for the pathetic scum that they are, the same way that a politician mentions e.g. Reagan in order to get people to applaud for them.

Together (Original Mix)

This retro disco style encompasses most of Hahmo's songs. While the style is maximised, the substance isn't enough to fill a skin cell. This mostly empty EP has begun with a wet towel so limp, it could pass for a sea slug. Hahmo was either asleep, deafened, or drunk when he made this sludge.

Sound Of Sunday (Original Mix)

Here is where the Finn has fired the first few sprouts of his talent. Res ipsa loquitur- this is one of his top Google searches to this day. The style breezes along at school zone speeds, firmly touching the apparently eternally radiant tune.
However, SOS is not eternal, neither does it last as long as it's own duration. Although the second climax admirably adds another melody, and even rearranges the metric, there is no improvement that can be done to make this physically memorable.
Sound Of Sunday is also ostensibly a book.[2]