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8 October 2007

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Together (Original Mix) Joonas Hahmo 128 F minor 7:57
Sound Of Sunday (Original Mix) Joonas Hahmo 134 F# major 8:16

Hahmo's debut is a paean to the rest of his discography. The first of his pentad, this began the exhibition of his broad talent, and partially served to elevate Anjunadeep after the atrocities and blunders.
The synopsis nevertheless does not do this justice. They mentioned Pryda, which is apposite for the pathetic scum that they are, the same way that a politician mentions e.g. Reagan in order to get people to applaud for them.

Together (Original Mix)

Along with Jimmy Carter, the end of smallpox, and other nice things from the 1970s, this lauriferous style exundates, adjuvating synths to a skeletal trickle of piano. Opiferosity also comes in acoustical experimentation, because those bones don't do much.

Sound Of Sunday (Original Mix)

Releasing an ebullient, argenteous torrent after that streamlet, this bouncing bomb could coat the Earth. 150 kilolitres of ambrosia is right for this Greenland-style cataract, atrament boiling & wafting up throughout what should be the sound of every day. The brume is so thick, you'll be drenched from the condensation alone.
Then it pivots towards the stars, in a tenebrose ascension towards that deeps seen not elsewhere. This drop of degenerate matter falls through any utensil it is held in, perfectly demonstrating a taste of its origin in neutron stars. The better of two titans is more than worth your money.