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by Above & Beyond
Released March 6, 2006
Length 60:14
Above & Beyond chronology
Tri-State Group Therapy
(2011)Group Therapy2011

Above & Beyond's debut is a celestial accolade of trance. Most of the songs in this were released as singles, fortunately.
According to Wikipedia:
There are a number of areas in the 48 contiguous United States known informally as tri-state areas. Often, a tri-state area is an area associated with a particular town or metropolis that lies across three states. Some, but not all, of these involve a state boundary tripoint. Other "tri-state" areas have a more diffuse population that shares a connected economy and geography, especially with respect to climate, such as the tri-state area of Indiana, Ohio and Michigan.
This is purely deiform. Tri-State is one of the few albums to get a remix LP.


1."Tri-State"  4:09
2."Stealing Time"  7:11
3."World on Fire"  4:44
4."Air For Life" (with Andy Moor)Andy MoorAndy Moor7:27
5."Can't Sleep"Ashley Tomberlin 7:23
6."Hope"  4:28
7."Liquid Love"  6:42
8."In the Past"  2:28
9."Alone Tonight"  6:23
10."Good For Me"Zoë JohnstonZoë Johnston5:42
11."For All I Care"  5:50
12."Indonesia"  5:01
13."Home"Hannah Thomas 7:12


In this case, the title track is also the opener. This instrumental was not released as a single.