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17 May 2004


Song Artist BPM Key Duration
Verso (Original Mix) DJ Tab 138 F# minor 8:48
Radiate (Original Mix) DJ Tab 138 C minor 8:00

Of the two solo releases by DJ Tab released on Anjunabeats, before the Finnish union, this one was not released on AnjunaDigital.
From Wiktionary[1]:
verso ‎(plural versos)

  1. The back side of a flat object which is to be examined visually, as for reading, such as a sheet or a leaf or a coin or a medal.
  2. (printing) The left-hand page of a book of a script which reads from left to right, usually having an even page number.

The antonym is 'recto'. Learn about them here.

Verso (Original Mix)

With three melodic streams of emotion contemporaneously, you would expect some strong emotion, something moving, or more than superficially emotive. Not so with Verso. The pads, synth, & other electrophones, while used in a way that should invoke some feeling, give none, partially because of the iterative nature.
Strangely, this has a chillout mix.

Verso (Chill Out Mix)

Song Artist BPM Key Duration
Verso (Chill Out Mix) DJ Tab 120 F# minor 8:22

Exclusive to Anjunabeats Chilled Collection 01, this solitary bonus track to that compilation is nothing more than eight minutes & 22 straight seconds of the tune of Verso without the pads. It isn't any better than the OM.

Radiate (Original Mix)

Radiate is the exact same deal: three-streamed, iterative, etc, except more sunless, & some added percussives. This song is so forgettable that I listened to it, & then ten minutes later, forgot that I had listened to it.