16 Bit Lolitas

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Peter Kriek & Arian Olieroock are two[1] Dutch deep house masters, aka Cubicolor (with Timothy Digby-Bell from 2016 onwards), this duo is legendary.[2] "There was a cocktail called Pink Lolita. We wanted to have something from the music industry & it’s always nice to have two words that don’t really match but when you put them together it sounds nice. When you burn a CD it’s 16 bits, & so we put it with lolita.

Designation EP Year
ANJDEE032 Murder Weapon EP 2008
ANJDEE061 Cold Energy / Smoke Signals 2010
ANJDEE075 Singularity / 4v2 2010
ANJDEE080 Re-Murdered / The Promised Loop / Global Warm-Up 2010
ANJDEE189 Beat Organ EP 2014
ANJDEE202 Deep In My Soul 2014
Song Act Year
On A Good Day OceanLab 2009
Gravity Parker & Hanson 2014
We're All We Need Above & Beyond 2014