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I'd rather just one.


15 December 2008

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
7 (Original Mix) Komytea 125 F major 8:53
9 (Original Mix) Komytea 125 D minor 7:27

The second EP from AD's Finnish duo does not outshine their first.

7 (Original Mix)

These boys may be struggling for inspiration when it comes to naming their tracks, but musically they must be one of the most exciting talents to be gracing Anjuna towers right now, the synopsis speculates. Using subjunctive is not apposite for a marketing team. 7 is the most exanimate, lassitudinous, hadean filth Komytea have ever made. Avoid this- there is no tune, & not even any energy. They probably auto-generated this, or it took them two minutes: it's okay to release just one song at a time.

9 (Original Mix)

In titanic contrast, this AD 01 highlight epitomises Anjunadeep, apotheosising from the midway on. Every nanosecond is a transcosmic oneirism, theanthroposophic fulminations detonating in all instruments. Komytea exalted AD 01 with this irresistible rapture.