90 Nights Of Summer / Elf

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It feels like you're really there.

Remixes of 'Elf' are here.


14 September 2010

Mix Act BPM Duration
90 Nights Of Summer (Original Mix) Bart Claessen 134 8:49
90 Nights Of Summer (Robert Burian Remix) Bart Claessen 134 7:13

Absent from any volume, this would be in my DNA if I could put it there.

90 Nights Of Summer (Original Mix)

The racing horsetrack is great to set your heartbeat to. But the main attraction is the epiphanous synth, cut up & poured down your ears. This paleotropical novacracker is the first shaking of the grass, the waving of the leaves, & the faint, rapidly strengthening light. Here is the whir of the Unidentifiable Flying Disject.
The brain is 12% fat, so Bart fries up his galaxy-famous summer soup,[1] a Schrodinger shot to the heart. This Mauna Kea among anthills is his auriphrygiate signature on the flag of Earth, a full, unconditional redemption of humanity.
The second climax subverts it, like Stalin subverted Ukraine. It's different, but unnecessary, & indurated. Still editable.

90 Nights Of Summer (Robert Burian Remix)

Burian was the cheese to Bart's pizza, the parrotfish to his Thai beach, the Marx to his Engels. Angels' raves reach these heights & depths. He centred the tune, & embossed it with burninating rhodium, more electronic than Bart's, the same speed, but slower. Antithalian aeviternity replaces the nervous system with chrysopeian pyrophore, the OM synth rejoining later, showing its uninherency, & disappearing for the postlude: Burian spent his life's effort here, & I thank him for it. The staccatised future tech makes the softest tears.