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1 February 2011

Mix Act
A Deeper Shade (Original Mix) Matt Lange
Other Stories (Original Mix) Matt Lange

A Deeper Shade

Inkberry connosieur Lange recorded the sound of black: his light-destroying music shall never be forgotten, not this singularity. Waving in & out, mimicking conciousness, 'ADS' is veridical. Bury deeper & you won't get to Colombia- the space gets warped into pieces when Lange sets off his hyperblack hole, his descending, slow sombreness swirling stickily. A Deeper Shade is close.

Other Stories

The punch of recoil rebounds away in this climaxless electrobounce funk. Twice, the guttural, rolling percussives are broken by a thick syrup that vaguely clouds out the sunshine, but the replacement is bleary, blurry, & not worth the oversimplified dourness. Two notes repeated & reflected, all the while expecting a chorus of applause for the simplest calculation he's ever done. This bad set-up has no punchline, receding into a lighter shade.